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Default Some pics to remind us of the day

as ever words to amuse not offend, hope you enjoy the photos.

Standers, least these were flat and thus "easy"?? Not such a thing of couse as an easy stander!
Optical illusion of Dwarf Powell looking taller than someone is due to him having climed an ant hill for the extra height

Big Dave shos how not to miss with an ev2

Oh well, he can start his own thread!

Gadeget, my 2012 Apprentice lines up the easy 18 yards stander

The Apprentice, Your Fired

Good job he builds better than he shoots

My top Jagerbomb apprentice lines up on the stander, on which he is Mega

He is also very good at sunbathing, though it may look like he just missed

Jay thaught he had found the oustide Khazzi?
I`m glad he did not bother finding out if it worked?

Steep and high, reducers, a taste to come of Germany?

Beryty gives a master Class

In Gurning?

The big boys were first through

to flatten the grass

What position are you in wafta Jack

As you will se there were more photos after this,
so Martin marks Carl up as another Week miss lol!

The pegs are over here!

Is this legal?
I would say that although it looks safe, it borders on not being a sitting shot?
One for Bfta committee meeting on the 15th?

Sitting or not?

New to the sport so I expect no one has explained the Barrel over the line trigger behind rule?
Have to say its the most broked rule i see at ft comps

Some people just buy the wrong hat
Whispering grass..................

The Airgun Shooter Magazine Kneeling lane

Fair play to the new ZZ top fan club from Castleton.
Firstly, they all seem to be called Z, even if they dont yet all have the beards.

I take my hat off to the three of you in giving a tough- ish course your best for a first time Ft shoot.

New to the sport but already has that look of someone who just missed the easy 23 yard kneeler

Martin & Carl, top workers for the club and even worse shots than my failed Apprentice Gadget.
Your Hired boys

As long as Martin continues to bring me Evans pies!

Berty shows how kneelers should be done

The old bulpup in action

Thats the gun not John!

You can take kneelers standing, thing is when Gary shoots we can never tell which he is doing?

Tosh takes his kneelers standing

and his shoes still look fast

I`m a master at it too

Gurning that is

I think I found the cause of Chris Keyworths poor results of late.

He has heard & read about the super new John Ostler "Air" Strippers

Someone has however pulled the Hair over his eyes and fitted a Hair Curler having told him it will work as a "Hair" Stripper
When of course he should be using it to achieve the Olive from on the buses look!

Curly Perm anyone

They say a photo is worth a thousand words.

Perhaps you can tell then how much it meant to me to finally get my name on the John thomas Memorial Trophy.

Plus I was laughing as Jack looks like an extra from the YMCA, hey ho
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