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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Correct Dave the RN10 and EV2 are same triggers and two stage.

Its safer having a two stage and harder to make.
Anything will do for a single stage trigger as the sear edges are permanently set there - bang the butt.
I think we are only talking semantics here but the AA S400 has a 2-stage trigger and quoting from them
"The S400/410 rifles have a true two stage trigger mechanism. This means that as the trigger is pulled the bottom sear gradually disengages with the top sear until the two disengage completely and the rifle goes off. If the pressure on the trigger is released at any point before full disengagement, the bottom sear will automatically return back to full engagement. This type of trigger allows very fine but safe operation because it is the release of the 2nd stage that actually makes the rifle fire. This arrangement is vastly superior to pseudo two stage triggers where the first stage is just a pivoting trigger blade that does not move sears. The down side is that they are more difficult to adjust correctly."

The Pro-Target/EV2 mechanism is their pseudo 2-stage type i.e. the 1st stage adjustment controls the amount of travel before the pivot starts to press down on the sear pivot arm. (I have had EV2 and Pro-target both go off with a bump of the butt (and of course never cock/load unless it is pointed down range) but that can be eased by adjusting the trigger correctly) The cocking motion pulls the hammer back and that ramp shape motion forces the sear down which sometimes isn't quite far enough down to make it safe - or it is worn and needs replacing (sear that is). As far as I can recall there is no spring pressure in 1st stage i.e. the trigger is just pivoting freely until it engages with the 2nd stage. Sorry but it is very hard to describe and I no longer have examples to refer to or photograph.

So I think the 400 type is far safer for a hunting scenario but for pure target use the pseudo 2-stage is fine but they really make the 'never point the rifle anywhere but down (range)' advice an absolute.

I haven't looked at the schematics for LG300s or Anschutz-en but I am fairly sure they have a 1st-stage spring pressure but even then I have had both go off on early trigger contact but rather rarely and never (so far) with a slap of the butt - not the sort of thing you do in practice! There is possibly an argument that could be made between FT and HFT styles as far as this goes but even if I load an LG300 and then raise it to position (e.g. where the lane is at an angle to the rest of the course rather than all in a line) I flip the lever up so that it cannot fire - but then sometimes forget and have an embarrassing time when nothing happens and I have to re-cock and settle on target again :-( All common sense but better to assume the darn things will go off unexpectedly and keep them pointed down range. At least we don't have to worry about misfires and sit waiting for a minute with the muzzle pointed down-range whilst shouting for a range officer :-)

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