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Default John Thomas Memorial - Tondu summer Wafta Shoot 2 June 2013


AA (Wafta grades)

Simon Evans 38
Jack Harris 37
Berty 36
Gary Powell 36
Big Mike 35
Gwyne Robinson 33
Nigel Hayman 31
Dave Gage 30
Chris Keyworth 30
Gareth james 28
Jason Harris 27

A Class

Chubby 33
Craig Morgan 33
Dave Williams 32
Tom Gould 31
John Lewis 29
Russel Summers 29
John Johnston 27

B class

John Mortlock 30
Steve James (SFT) 26
Gadget 24
Dai Cooper 24
Gary Williams 23
Vince Bowen 20
Derk (Spring) 18

C class

Tosh Crocker 27
Z.Zamau 24
Bear (Spring) 22
Z.Khan 21
Brian Langford 21
Martin Spike 20
N.Shiraz 11
Carl Weeks (Spring) 6

Easy Ft (ex 20)

Martin Shunter 16

Very enjoyable day and a testing course that did exactly As I wanted it to, test shooters on steep angled shots as well as some new long "angled" shots !
Thanks to Big Mike for the good company on the course.

T25 25y (upwards angle) Hit 15 times
T36 20y (upwards angle) Hit 23 times (no mention of any AA shooters I shot with missing it!)
T35 18y Hit 28 times
T36 36y Hit 16 times


T15 33y (slight uphill) Hit 24 times
T16 28 y (slight uphill) Hit 24 times
T39 23y (Slightly downhhill) Hit 27 times
T40 43y (slight downhill) Hit 15 times

15 ml

T30 18y (up on bank) Hit 21 times
T33 9.5y Hit 21 times


The yellow rat high up the banks (see pics later) was the least hit reducer.
34 yards at quite a steep angle.
it was only hit 15 times

Most missed target on the course was the only one close to full distance.
T 20, just under 55y. Hit 12 times, missed 21 .

My new fav "virgin" target, T8 (high on banks over top pond) which was 53y was hit just 15 times.

Hardest lane was angled lane 3 on the top ponds
T5 53 y (bird target up tall poll) was hit 17 times
T6 50 y was also hit just 17 times
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