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Default Comfort Zones

Originally Posted by rogb View Post
I am the opposite to you, I have decided to give up FT for a number of reasons:
Sitting kills my back after a lane or two, I just cannot get comfortable any more.

The option of shooting Sporting prone off my elbows ( if you can see the kill, that is) is also out for the same reasons.

I like to shoot year round whatever the conditions. I can deal with cold or rain, but not physical pain.

I go shooting to enjoy myself, not end up in agony. Trying to get comfy so I can concentrate on the shot has become impossible due to age-related conditions, probably caused by too much training/sport in my youth using bad techniques/equipment.

Also it is quite gay what with all the pink feathers

HFT is the opposite, you get to have a lie down on a comfy mat that is usually put down by one of your kind shooting partners.
If there is a ceasefire, you can get get a micro nap in. How civilised is that
Hi Rob.
I'm really only gravitating towards FT because that it appears that this is what is primarily shot at Sywell.
Oh, and I have been advised that it is best not to get on the wrong side of HOLLY
I enjoyed the HFT at Furnace Mill.
I must confess that since the strokes and being informed of the tumours, I tend to adopt a frame of mind of : - 'I will not allow this thing (whatever it is) to beat me.'
If it does, I pack it up and move on: or if I know at the outset that I will not be able to manage it I don't even start. So Alpine-yodel bungee-jumping off the Matterhorn is out of the question

I've added some filling to my seat cushion. Which makes it much more supporting.
I swapped scopes to see if my 3-9x50, repositioned would permit a more comfortable position.
But ultimately reinstated the 6-24x50, but positioned differently on the rails. I'll sight it in and zero it at 32yds again tomorrow, then when the hamster arrives I'll get down to some serious practice.

Is pink a mandatory specification for the windicators ? I have noticed that most are pink.
I assumed that it was one of the BFTA rules.

BTW - what is SFT ?? I note that you are/have been World Champion.

ATB with your HFT career. I'll look out for you: because whatever HOLLY says, I think I'll do it again ~ and Simon has suggested that I have a look at SARC too.
I do hope I don't get banned before I've got to know you all.
You're only young once - so it's best to make it last for the whole of your lifetime.
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