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I am the opposite to you, I have decided to give up FT for a number of reasons:
Sitting kills my back after a lane or two, I just cannot get comfortable any more.

The option of shooting Sporting prone off my elbows ( if you can see the kill, that is) is also out for the same reasons.

I like to shoot year round whatever the conditions. I can deal with cold or rain, but not physical pain.

I go shooting to enjoy myself, not end up in agony. Trying to get comfy so I can concentrate on the shot has become impossible due to age-related conditions, probably caused by too much training/sport in my youth using bad techniques/equipment.

Also it is quite gay what with all the pink feathers

HFT is the opposite, you get to have a lie down on a comfy mat that is usually put down by one of your kind shooting partners.
If there is a ceasefire, you can get get a micro nap in. How civilised is that
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