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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Sitting to shoot will seem uncomfortable at first,but once you've done it a few time's it become's second nature.
If you want to shoot both disapline's FT/ Hft ,try UK sarc on your none FT day's.
I think they have an open class that allow's shooter's to sit and shoot,with target's out to 45 yds.
I do not know much about Hft range finding,but i do know that kill size is a clue as to distance on some target's.
I'm sure a fully qualified Hft'er will be along shortly to explain.
Which ever you shoot enjoy it,and keep the wit up,most laugh's i've had outside the vegetable patch
Catch up at bisley
Thanks Simon. I will try SARC, (but don't tell HOLLY)
What you have described is exactly what I found this morning at Sywell. Oddly enough, I thought it was going to be the getting-down & getting-up again which was going to be the difficult part, but it's not: it is the fact that I get out of breath so quickly, then find it difficult to regulate my breathing. The 'uncomfortable' problem is something which I'm sure that I can overcome. This afternoon I'm going to order a Rowan Eng hamster for the Mk3. I've watched, and talked to others, who have provided good advice and tips. I've seen different seating positions to try. And Phil (Mod 23) has been a real source of instruction, advice and encouragement this morning. He has spent a significant chunk of his shooting time with me this morning. Thank you Phil - very much appreciated.
Bisley is the 23rd - so I have a fortnight to sort out my sitting position; learn to cope with my breathing difficulties as best I can; possibly also reposition my scope so that I can use it in a sitting position, as well as standing, and practice, practice, practice. At the moment, kneeling appears to be out of the question. It may not ultimately be, but at the moment I'll concentrate on getting the sitting sorted out. Then I may reconsider kneeling.
There's a lot to do in a fortnight. but I have plenty of time.
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