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I hope I' m wrong but the course doesn’t sound shooter friendly ie. glad I'm not there on crouches I know home advantage is being used which is to be expected but in the blind pursuit of winning they appear to have forgotten they are the world's host's so need to put out a course while of world championship standard is accessible to all shooter’s 500 ft climb’s at that altitude can’t be much fun. Reducer’s for all target’s less than 45yard’s well that certainly is a high standard, to much? taking into account some new member countries have invested the time and money to attend the world’s malta for instance I imagine will look at the score sheet feeling a little cheated ( probably sick) hope today’s course is more sensible and take’s into account the experience level of all are new affiliates. South Africa need not worry the best will prevail just don’t scare away all are new friends.

Just my thoughts
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