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Thanks to all who have contributed to the fund. The day is nearly apon us and the dress, stocking, knickers and wig are ironed and packed for Quarry (I hope it's not to cold)

There will be a box a the booking in table with some envolopes. Can you put your pledge money in the envolope with your name on it and pop it in the box.

Thanks again


1. Chris Sutcliffe has pleged £10
2. Neal Rainbow has pledged £10
3. Wayne Marriott £10
4. Janine Travers £15 pledged by Rik
5. Ryan Charlton £10
6. Photosbykev £10
7.Dave L £10
8. Steph K £10..
9.Ray Hampton £10
10.Ray Ross £10 (just tell me where to send it )
11.Greg Hensman £10
12.Ian Jones £10
13. Rivi club will **** £10 in. (come on you other clubs, join in )
14. Fort club £10
15. LAity £15 -------------------- £160 Target reached. Just how far will this go ??????
16. Nigel & Daniel Smith £10
17.Bruce ,Andrea and Anthony Marshall pledge £10.00
18.M.A.D £25 (TOTAL SO FAR £205)
19.David Allam£10
20 Chris Coombes £10
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