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Originally Posted by nemesis View Post
I too have had one and also password change request from other acounts,
Nothing to do with stb Nemesis as I've explained.

After talking to Jeremy the virus adds people from the person's email address of the previous person before. So it builds like a chain address book not only of the person who is infected but also people previously.

That's most likely how it has been able to connect shooters who have not seemingly contacted each other.

If it had come from the board then the following would be true:

A) the system would have used shooting the breeze as an address. But this alone doesn't prove anything because I could use Nemesis' email address as a sender address to make it look like Nemesis is sending spam
B) almost everyone would have got spam. Something like 2000 people
C) the other email addresses I use here would have got emails

The board itself is entirely secure. Passwords are encrypted. I can't even see my own let alone someone else's. Also the system sends me a warning if someone's account has had a few failed login attempts. That's only happened once and I know exactly who that was due to the info it sends with the warning.

But as ever if a member doesn't trust the security here I will happily delete their account and save them any further worry. Just drop me a line and it will be done.
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