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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
LG300 is the best that i've used for any amount of time. Definite feel of 2nd stage, firm but crisp and light, like breaking an ant's leg made of glass as it's been described. Seem to remember the P70's being good as well. Anschutz has a softer break point on 2nd stage, and the Steyr just seems too light with too much movement for me.

Horses for courses... but if someone was to ask me how I like my trigger, the LG300 would be at the top of the list.
Hi, Just looked at my selection. Agreed. The LG300 is as you say and the 2002 is less crisp.

I replied re: the 1st stage/ 2nd stage issues but once the hair-trigger issue is dealt with I can't say I notice the trigger feel as I am focussed elsewhere. However I do have a habit now of being on aim as I first touch the trigger just in case, if all is well I have a few more seconds to make any tiny adjustments. Saved me a few targets though being on aim when touching the trigger :-)
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