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Originally Posted by holly View Post
Don't get carried away here . this is a seperate class . it does not impinge on AA , A , B or C class . these classes will carry on as normal . OPEN cannot win any other class , as is right . what it does do is to allow shooters who would not otherwise turn up for the shoot because of a problem to shoot and of course maybe win some thing . in the same way as there used to be ladies and young shooters prizes . to encourage more people to compete .if anybody has a problerm with that idea . then i must say i am astounded ." let the people shoot" ??? HOLLY
Yes, if someone has a temporary problem they can take on Open Class and it won't affect their treasured Grade status. Equally it is there if any group of shooters want to experiment with something different in the way of positionals - something crazy like one target kneel and one target stand in each lane but compete against such a group who also choose to do that in Open (heck, if enough people come together with some new format we can consider a trophy, etc). It was introduced to make it easier for anyone with a temporary or permanent problem to enjoy the course and encourage less able-bodied shooters to have a go in comfort. Just keep barrel over and trigger behind the firing line.

Note that even in the Main course kneeler lanes can be taken standing if someone has a dodgy knee (and the grinding and popping noises no longer have to put the others off their longed for bacon roll :-) )

I am waiting for the first course clearance in Open! Those kneeler and stander targets are big fat full size kills at easy distances - trouble is - there is no such thing as an easy target hahahaha.

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