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Default 2013 euro's @ weston park marshall's

When you book for this event,you are agreeing to do a stint of marshalling.
I would like this to be voluntary ,so i'm looking for 24 people that are booked in for this cracking weekend's shooting.
If i don't get volunteer's,we'll just fall back on the system in place.
They will be 1 hour session's morning or afternoon on both day's,1 hour per person unless you can do more?
I would prefer marshall's with experience rather than novices,having said that deputy head marshall Simon Higgins will be on the course through out the day,to over see any issue's.
I can accomodate people that wish to take part in the cultural side of weston park [chuckle head] they can marshall while they can stand.
Seriously I want people that when the public speak to them,they don't get over come from fume's
I will make a list of people's preferance as i get replies.
Thanks for your help on this matter.
Cheif marshall
Simon Francis

9 am till 10 pm Neil Thorneycroft and phil Glover
10 am till 11 pm Phil Riches and Molly winkles
11 am till 12 pm Simon Francis and Simon Higgins

1pm till 2pm Conor McFlynn and Mark Basset
2pm till 3pm Steve Chubb and Jack Harris
3pm till 4pm Des Edwards and James Griffiths

sunday 9am till 10 am Andrew Gillott & Deborah clarke
10 am till 11 am Neil Maklew and Carl davies
11 am till 12pm Phil Gee and Simon Higgins

1pm till 2pm Steve Wilson and Colin Richardson
2pm till 3pm Ian Stoddart and Steve Lloyd
3 pm till 4pm Damon Robinson and John Jenkins
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