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Originally Posted by Strokebloke View Post
Quite so. We can knit one, pearl one, drop one, together
Thank you for the BFTA link.
I have registered, completed a profile, and will spend some time finding my way around the site, before I do too much more.
I am still finding the location of clubs/event venues something of a daunting task; having no experience of where any of them are. (I only learned during last weekend that Bisley is in Surrey, for instance. )

Thank you for your assistance. Much appreciated
bisley is the home of shooting in the british isles . no mickey mouse site this . you can see all the shooting sports in action here . walk around and soak up the atmosphere . Bisley Fto is right next to the running boar range with thunderous shots going off from time to time . over the back you can hear the army banging away on the ETR range . walk along the bisley bullet ( railway line ) that used to supply ammo to the ranges . take a stroll down to the pistol ranges at the back of century range with the butts just as they were many years ago . this place is so well thought of that many shooters have there ashes spread over the ranges . why not book in for Bisley Gp and join us in open class ??? HOLLY
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