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Originally Posted by Pepone View Post
I saw a photo of your gun, with a strip in the bolt... it was the part that failed?
Yes, Saturday at the end of the day the cocking lever sometimes open and others donít close, I knew that the oíring that compress against the barrel was smashed and later at home try to reposition the action because I didnít had a spare and couldnít move the barrel or my poi will change but with no success so I try to use the tape to keep the level closed but it didnít provide enough pressure and most of the times it wonít shoot because was stopped by the dry fire mechanism.

Because I cleaned and lubed the action when I reposition it I was thinking that the problem was lube in a wrong place and only when I arrived at the last five lanes I realize what was the problem and made those 15 shoots holding the level.

Result a score of 37, the rifle didnít shoot 7 times and all 15mm at less than 13mt, its life the good part is that I learn one or two things more

The 24J itís correct, I know Iím crazy :0)
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