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Originally Posted by CameronWilson View Post
There's a lot to be said for squeezing rather than pulling.

I try to visualise gripping the pistol grip, building up pressure with my pinkie first and then the other fingers, and (if thumbs up) pressing into the stock with my thumb gently that way you start to gradually increase pressure with your trigger finger without even realising it.
Indeed. And I'm now quite sure that pulling was what I was doing. And my mistake was to lighten the trigger so that I would merely touch and not pull.
What I have had to acknowledge is, that the Mk3 trigger, being electronic, requires little more effort than pressing the mouse control on a PC. But a mechanical trigger, for instance upon a springer, will require more pressure. And if I'm pulling, rather than squeezing, the muzzle is going to move and I'm going to miss the target.

So, your advice is much appreciated. I'll practice
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