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Originally Posted by CameronWilson View Post
Yeah, I'd second that.

I found that if all your other digits are trying to support the heavy weight of the rifle, having one trying to control a super-light trigger is a bit of a brainf**k.

I'm much more comfortable now with a heavier trigger.
I did initially set it up possibly too lightly. Then, being honest with myself, I had to recognize that in lightening the trigger, I was probably simply trying to compensate for my poor technique, so I've had a look at what I may be doing wrong, and put a little weight back into the trigger.

Watching the England guys at Sywell yesterday was a revelation to me.
The way their guns are set up, & everything they do, is with the aim of being as relaxed and as natural as possible, so that no muscles are tensed or stressed.

So, my technique development and learning will continue during this week.
With a trigger as only as light as safe gun handling will allow.
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