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Originally Posted by Neil-T View Post
Because its harmless fun, but some people have taken I totally out of context and let I bother them, at the end of the day...what does it really matter if your name was on a list to shoot a GP then you didn't turn up to shoot.....**** happens. I know it would bother me very little indeed. Just get out there and shoot and enjoy the sport.

With all due respect who are you or any one else to tell people what should bother them .We are all
different .

How can it be taken out of context , A list was put up on this site , it was not accurate, people were
angered by it .It is as simple as that.

People from the Conor fan club are saying its harmless fun , but how can it be .You dont put a list of
people many of whom you dont even know on a web site for fun .

He has also made some very distasteful remarks to at least one person and made fun of others he
dosnt know.

Some one says he is being unfairly judged , well I'm sorry but we can only judge him by the character
he portrays on the site. That is all people have to go by .

My feeling is he needs to show a bit of class , I have known and traveled with former champions
and I dont think any of them would have shown such a lack of class as he has done on his site.

Take note Conor the shooting world is watching you.
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