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Default missing the point

Originally Posted by KeithG View Post
I was under the impression rubbing each up is part of the fun of FT, thats what mark stenton told me that time he cornered me by tools turnip patch at the classic (Did you know he has magical hands? soft) Here's a thought.... if a thread bothers you don't carry on reading it.

If you have been named in a thread like this one you are likely to be a little bit angry .
You have every right then to voice your opinion, you would rather be doing something
positive or fun but are likely to be motivated and have a strong desire to put and end to
this and put the record strait if errors have been made.One may also have ideas.

Winding up and rubbing your mates up the wrong way is normal bloke behavior amongst
friends but not to people you don't know , try walking in a pub and winding up people you
don't know and you will have a bad evening. I don't think conor is trying to wind people up
I think he thinks someone needs to do this and he is the chosen one with the responsibility.
I am sure he is a top bloke and I always have a lot of respect for shooters of his standard
I just think he made a mistake with this thread or did other people put him up to it because
of his status within the sport? I doubt it, but you never know.

I think may be a more flexible booking in system would work , don't bother to make up lanes
or pairs before the shoot have 3 sessions 2 as normal and a 3rd session as a sort of over
flow session for high bookings and if people turn up on the day. when people don't turn up on
the day you may then just go back to 2 sessions .

We all know shoot attendance goes up and down for many reasons .Take a shoot on a cold
wet winters day run the same shoot on a dry day and you may well get 10 or 20 % more
shooters , then take other reasons for non attendance into account .By having a booking in
system you are able to show the exact figures and individuals but I don't think its needed
more flexibility may help .
The first 75 shooters strait to a lane (3's) then the next 75 are session 2 or even do away
with sessions just set shooters up in 3s and have a shotgun start.
just an idea may be crap but worth a mention.
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