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Couple of bit's on STU . one time at Otmoor's ground . stu is in a shoot off for first place , the fella says to him , shall we toss up for it . no say's stu if we toss up for it i could lose . he won it on a 50 yard stander .
I am shooting with him , again at otmoor in a GP . he was clear on the sitters and kneelers but was so supprised i think that i hit all my standers that he missed three of em . finished on 47 . anyway to show how the old farts brain works . we got to a lane edging out onto a field , you could see the corn waving in the field with the wind going right to left . i am shooting first , gives it a pellet mark on the right about an inch out . goes straight there . gets up says to stu , you won't get that one .oi will he says , oi will bet you 50 i get it says he . well if i had 50 i would have , but no . he takes the shot and down it went . i asked as you do , how did you know it would take no wind ? he said that pellet mark was a group not a single shot . all the shooters in front had shot the same place . so i shot in the middle . there you go . ??? HOLLY
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