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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
That young Costello chap is a clever chappy, that to go with Good looking, very pleaseant and fairly lucky at shooting?

Anyway, I noticed a few while ago, his off set butt hook. He did try explaining to me why it is so no 1, but words were wasted as I had not inserted cork in left ear and all was lost.

Anyway, Lord Lucan (aka Woody with loads of woddy) has done like wise and at gp2 I noticed Berty has swung sideways, so thaught it was worth a try.

And it was. Moved the sytem Geminio right over today while down tondu and found it gave a far better head position, far more comftable and natural on no 2 Stock.

Shot Priest around the easy Ft course with newly positioned butt hook. Felt much steadier on sitterrs and kneelers. Standers not quite sorted, seems to be more critical in off set mode to have the height of the butt hoook correct for the standingshot in question?
Also put the Taylor ball trigger back on and found the size much more to ones liking.

Did not do much shoopting. Had a blast at the practise course with "practise" pellets, not sure of what they are as they are mixed exacts ! Wind was all over the place during the day and I think i miised half!

as such gave up and went strimming and course planning fopr June 2

Did mange to do a bit of grouping aftter 8pm when the wind had died back.
Used die 50 with outstanding results. Definatly give the off set some more time, Just need to sort the standing out?

My gemini has been offset for about 10 years now.
Where do you think mr costello got it from.....

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