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Default I blame the Wife

North Petherwin, 19 may 2013 Swefta

Preparation is everything
Might have written that before, once or more!

Plan A.


Plan B.

OK, so I did not have a "50 though" allen key to set the John Ostler Ball trigger up prior to the shoot. I was optimistic someone would once I got there and I was correct, Alec Gibbs I thank you.
However, real fly in the lubricant was Wife no 1
Having spent the week in Portugal with the girls playing oldest swinger in town, flight was supposed to get her home 11pm sat night.
Now having worked all day up to 10.15pm sat in wedding I was already knackered. Final arrival saw me out playing taxi at 2am!
Home and bed by 2.30am, alarm off at 5am !
Finally loaded up left at 6.30am, not able to do so before! Its a long drive down, 202 miles and over 3 hours. Thankfully Tony Fouracres went past me about 50 miles from the venue so I followed Tony, this being my first time at the venue and already starting to doze at the wheel!. Following Tony helped concentration other wise I would have had to have stopped on the way to a shoot for the first time!

Compact little ground, nice covered zero range. Noted that at 30y+ my shots were going high, not that warm, about 13 but defiantly -2 click. Kestrel?
Chrono check was bang on, 782.
Pity to see some buckly Wood Members at first refusing to go over the Chrono. However swefta rules are for all and I believe the result was hot gun!

Partnered up with Tony, but with both Hunter Ft and Ft on the same course, pluse 10 lanes there was a que so did some pics. Light wind when we started, was none early on so again being first on the course may have given an advantage?
Mainly inside 9 for me, Tony was out on a few. Inside 3 edge for the others and thats what should have taken T37 down as it worked for t38 + 39!

T1 was a shock, it looked about 40 to eye, turns out to be 37m. What it did not look to eye was a 25ml kill!
A nerve settler to take that out.Cleared the first 7, including the fist of a few 50 targets.

1st Miss
Split T8, 37m Stander. Bounced off 6 edge and in but not enough to kill. Given my condition it was not unexpected, cross hair was bouncing up and down as if I were on a bouncy Castle!
I did however after the shoot try it again, this time not moving my but hook down but leaving it in the usually position. two shots = 2 kills !

Missed T12. 12.5mm Kill at 18m . I can only put it down to being tied as I took off two clicks, despite not having to on the zero range for targets below 30m1 Brain defiantly not working on all lane today though.
Again after the shoot sat back down, gave "correct" clicks and down it went!

Missed t28, Stander, 25ml @ 18. Now I (and other tondu members) practice this sort of shot on our practice / zero range. I very really miss it.
Today though the cross hair was almost impossible to get in kill, it just flew through. missed low again. Poor shooting / preperation!

Missed T 36. 40m stander. Again, no real chance. even the back foot being on a slight incline was not a problem, though I have been practicing on such ground after BFTA Champs!

4 down last lane. Should have hit all 4. Difficult last lane in that there were three long full kills, I made them 50, 45 + 47m.
T37 was the 50m. Gave inside 3 but produced a bad shot. Combination of not being fully endured with the smaller ball trigger, tired and just not sure where to go.
Pulled the shot left and low! Only real poor shot of the day that I should have had more control of.
So, by now with a football sized crowd watching (well ok about 8 lol ) onto the final easy / gimmie target to finish on 35 and tie for best loser!

Tony had shot before me, but forgot to dial. think it was about 11m. however, a 25ml kill and kneeling made it different. Tony however was taking kneelers in the alternative position, which is allowed in Swefta regional shoots.
I think, still being peed off with myself at the t37 mis, I switched off and sub coinsiouly thaught it was a sitter. So i shot it sitting.
There was a few seconds silence, broken by Pete Montanez "Simon, that was kneeler!!"

Of course it was !

sums up the day really.

So a poor 34.
Truth is, given the slight breeze that was there, Tony was out of kill on occasion while I never came out of kill, apart from the two long standers everything was hitable three in a row.
A 38+ should have been the score!

Came to the conclusion that this John Ostler Ball trigger is too small for my fingers.
Felt as if I was searchng for it at times, standers especially, despite it being as far forward as possible
After much swearing I have convinced Mr.O to make a slightly bigger one. Not as big as the Taylor one however. Not thaught the taylor one is too big, but a slightly smaller one may improve things?
For now the Taylor one is going back on Priest.

Small mr.O ball will go on spare REV and I think i will try off setting the trigger 90 degress right

Might re-do dialing points for no 27 luep so that 10, 9, 8 + 24ft are dialed to use first dot

Todays set up was Priest /no 2 stock, no 27 luep + Die 50 lubed.

Oh, and Black Bfta hat, which may have caught the satnding & kneeling curse

Really liked the course layout, lots of variation and a good challenge.
targets 1 -32 were inside 9 edge. t 33 - 40 inside 3 edge! least for an Ostler Striiper

For my reference + 3.5

T1 25ml @ 35m
T2 25mm @ 25m
T3 30m
T4 25ml KN @ 10m '

T5 50m
T6 45m
T7 40m
T8 37m Stander (Split)

T9 50m
T10 45m
T11 25mm @ 20m
T12 12.5ml kil @ 18m (Took 2 clicks off !)

T13 47m
t14 49m
T15 45m
T16 25mm @ 20m

T17 50m
T18 45m
T19 47m
T20 35m KN

T21 25mm @ 22m
T22 25mm @ 25m
T23 27m
T24 25mm KN @ 8.5m!

T25 12.5mm @ 25ft
T26 25mm @ 25m
T27 27m
T28 25mm ST @ 18m (Bouncing cross hair)

T29 12.5mm @ 17m
T30 25m
T31 25mm @ 22m
T32 ST @ 22m (the only ST i hit lol)

T33 25mm @ 30m
T34 40m
T35 42m
T36 ST @ 41m (Bouncing cross hair)

T37 50 m (poor shot, pulled)
T38 45m
T39 47m
T40 25mm KN @ 12 ishm ? (sat for a kneeler!)
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