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OK from memory ....
RN10 was the forerunner to the Pro-Target (not to confused with the Pro-Sport a springer) and subsequently the EV2 range.
RN was the designation and was named after Rob Nicholls of Air Arms who is sadly no longer with us. The 10 denotes that the original concept gun was made for 10mtr shooting but then they fitted the 12ft/lb reg. RN's normally/ originally had a longer barrel than the cylinder it was on the Pro-Target's that the barrel / shroud and cylinder matched in length.The internals were basically the same. Early models did suffer from reg issues and it was generally thouight best to get one fitted with the pro-Target Mk3 reg identifiable by the 7 lines on the reg body.
By all accounts they were accurate and I would have thought that by now all or most RN's would have had the reg's changed either for the aforementioned Mk3 or an after market one.
Not sure about secondhand value for one these days but a ball park figure for a good Pro-Target is around 5 to 600 GBP B.A.R. are currently advertising a RN10 for 595 but looking at it I suspect that it is in fact a Pro-target Mk2 but with a Mk 3 reg fitted and with an after market scope bridge mount.

NOTE:- The original shroud as fitted to the Pro-Target was steel and weighed in at over a lb a lot of us had alloy ones made and this improved the balance no end.

I think that's about it but no doubt if I'm wrong someone else will be along to correct me.



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