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Default pellet sqeeze

Originally Posted by ellis d View Post
I Agree the new chrono is safer, And seemed accurate for me, I went through the old chrono at 786 and the new at 788.....a bit higher than my combro, so need to turn the gun down a bit...but on the safety side simon you went through at 827, 813. 809.with 7.9s...were shots 2 and 3 aided by a sqeeze of the pellet or is your gun not very might have reg hot hot
First pellet 827 perfect legal limit at 12 fp bfta limit for 7.9's is 822,second pellet required 821 now within bfta limit.
I said that was ok and the marshall agreed,then he suggested i really should put another one over.
I did has requested and no i did not and never will sqeeze the pellet,and third pellet was 813.
It's not the first time my walther has sailed close to the wind,as a result of which i set it with my combro to 805,i even tried the chrono before the shoot and was fine.
At the classic the week before i went through the chrono at 787 with express,and spent the next morning checking my combro against the nefta chrono.
Not sure why it was so high it's certainly not set that way.
Maybe we should introduce a breathalyzer to the shoot 1am

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