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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I never have...
Then you should have rob . when i bought my bull pupped TX 200 SR .the fella said it had been in a loft for years . it had been reblued , fair enough . obviously because it had gone rusty . the bit that worried me was , had the barrel gone rusty with it ? tried a few shots with it , not good . got the cleaning kit out to give it pull through . 4 two by two patches , two with napiers gun cleaner and two dry . the wet patches came out covered in grease ( must have come forward of the piston seal over the years ) . i had to use another two patches wet to get it really clean . then two dry patches . the difference was was amazing , from a shot gun to a grouper . at least the grease had served a purpose , it had stopped any rust getting into the bore . there was no room for rust . it is not a good idea to use a solvent in a puff gun , but in a springer , no probs . hoppes number 9 will get everything out . if it is a good barrel then regular cleaning will make it better . it might take a few shots to get it back to it's best but you will know that it will not go off in the middle of a comp ??? HOLLY
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