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The BFTA site has been updated.

For those that were previously unaware, i've included instructions on how to use the cancel feature, which will remove your name from the list shown on the BFTA site and free up your slot. It will also send an email to the person handling booking in. It ceases to be available a day before, but I'm unsure how it works that out in actual time (by hour or by date), so we will see how that works, considering there must be a cut-off point for the organisers to sort lanes and numbers etc before the whistle is blown twice to start. But in that event there are instructions on how to reach the comp sec or me on there so we may assist if the booking in person isn't available.

I've also added a little line to the terms and conditions clause asking that you are aware of the cancel button.

I would urge people to try and use the cancel button as it will free up what are effectively reserved places for others that may be trying to get in on a booked event.

As ever, if anyone has any issues with the booking in process or anything else to do with the site they can let me know via the web master contact link. Might make a change from the offers of stocks and shares, and viagra.
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