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[QUOTE=prime69;125784]Being “fairly” new to the FT, I will make the following comments. I appreciate the work that goes into setting up and putting on a shoot, I also appreciate the frustration that may be felt if there are wasted positions. I also note that improvements have been suggested and general consensus is that this issue has been highlighted and steps taken on the grounds of common sense and decency.

I will also state that I disagree completely with the manor in which this has been done, Conor you openly called for a “name and shame them” on the GP1 results thread then proceeded to create such a thread and backed it up with this one.

There are always problems that arise unforeseen, don't hide behind some stance that this is fact and its out in the public domain so “no harm done”. Genuine shooters who suffer incidents of varying degrees that prevent them from attending will always happen, having to feel that they need to justify them selves is unacceptable.

What ever your reasons for “championing” this the issue has been raised but I for one disagree with your method and feel that it is not in the best interests of the sport. If you have nothing else to do I suggest you get a Kindle.

Until action is taken against such people it will continue,things like this seem to only happen on this forum.
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