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Default Back to plan A

top testing day at tondu today.

Luckily Gadgets infected hands have not yet dropped off so he could come along too.

Today was final gun choice day, as apposed to more shooting pratice.
Now i dont have great faith in most rangfinders, if there is a target that is close to the limit on any of my courses it is measured with tape measure. However rangfinder are ok for rough estimates.

First off I took REV + no 1 Luep plus gadget + rangfinders along our recently modded practice course, gadget used his new mk4 (Ex nigel Allen / Neil Long), I used the rangfinder to check and then later went round with no 27 luep on Priest

Rangfinder (R)
Gadgets mk4
No 1 (low - high / high - Low)
No 27 (Low - High / High - Low)

T 1 R = 39
T1 G = 42
T1 No1 = 37 / 41
T1 No 27 = 40 / 40

T2 47
T2 47
T2 47/50
T2 48/50

T3 41
T3 40
T3 37/40
T3 41/41

T4 47
T4 47
T4 45/50
T4 48/48

T5 44
T5 45
T5 42/42
T5 45/44

T6 32
T6 32
T6 31/32
T6 32/32

T7 37
T7 37
T7 35/37
T7 30/30

T8 30
T8 32
T8 30/30
T8 30/30

T9 35
T9 37
T9 32/35
T9 35/34

T10 42
T10 45
T10 40/42
T10 43/42

T11 41
T11 42
T11 37/40
T11 41/40

T12 32
T12 35
T12 32/32
T12 34/32

T13 46
T13 46
T13 45/49
T13 49/47

T14 44
T14 46
T14 40/42
T14 45/44

T15 37
T15 37
T15 32/36
T15 35/35

T16 36
T16 40
T16 35/37
T16 37/35

T17 31
T17 30
T17 30/31
T17 32/31

T18 48
T18 50
T18 45/50
T18 48/48

T19 23
T19 24
T19 22/23
T19 22/22

T20 37
T20 37
T20 35/37
T20 37/37

So what Does that mean?

Gadgets scope is pretty good. He over ranged a couple when the sun made a brief apperance so might need to take off 2.5m when sunny? His new slow range finding technique I showed him certainly seems to be paying off.
all I have to do now is stop him dipping his hands in acid

No 1 Luep is better at H - L. Got to be carefull with it not to go down past a target than back up, that leads to under ranging which is perhaps what i did twice on Sunday at gp2.

no 27 Luep however surprised me with its consistancy. Slight edge from L -H and thats how i usually use it.

So, its no 27 Luep on Priest and No 2 Stock for the Worlds.

Priest and REV and now matched in terms of accuaracy and aim point / use.

Much as i prefere the colours of no 1 stock, it needs more work to get it feeling as good as no 2 Stock.
After Sundays floppy arm lane with the gemini, I roughly got it where i usually use it today and did some standing practise with Priest on the Easy Ft course.
Apart from missing the 15ml kil (@18m)l on first shot (6 edge), got it 2nd shot, I cleared the rest with some ease.Just felt better standing than no 1 stock does.

My initial testing of the John Ostler Ball trigger was somewhat scuppered by not being able to tighten the ball trigger up, it came loose about half way through session.
However I can see the advantage of the smaller ball trigger (comapred to barry taylor one) and so hopefully with a bit of re-setting up it can have a full session at the weekend @ North Petherwin.
gadget tried his out and was very hapy.

Only thing left for me then is to off set the Gemini.
BFTA Grading Q's to;
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