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I think this thread is a complete JOKE!

I appreciate shaun has already said that a few people had already contacted him ,and if not there may be more serious reasons some of the (drop outs) may not have been in contact being last thing on there mind due to what ever reason..

I think everyone would like to think this to be a growing sport BUT due to (Coner) I can see people thinking twice about signing up for a GP incase they can't make it and wouldn't want to be on the "name and shame list"

After this thread I doubt I will put myself forward for any GP's in the future (Incase I can't make it) Unless Coner has a magic ball that allows be to see into the future.

This is not aimed at any of the organizers and the people that work hard for these shoots to take place it's Just a shame about this thread (Coner) has decided to start up due to "him not having anything better to do"
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