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Originally Posted by D. Clark View Post
I agree Shaun, but with all this name and shame going on i am becoming reluctant to book in just in case i have a personal problem that prevents me from attending. If more people take this view then the excellent work that you all do before the event will have to take place on the day, what problems would that cause?
If the cancel button is used, then your name will be removed from the list. Alternatively you can contact me and i can do it for you. The cancel button is good because it lets the booking in person know via email instantly and removes you from the list.

I'll tweak it so you can cancel right up till Friday. I would assume by then most would know they can't make it? Emergencies aside.

I think the motivation is to persuade those that perhaps know beforehand to be active in cancelling so that their place becomes free or additional efforts to accommodate more shooters aren't redundant.
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