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Originally Posted by D. Clark View Post
Then perhaps this information should only be available to the organisers and not be available for all to see.
The list of who is booked in is visible to public primarily because people tend to book other people in and check others haven't done it beforehand, or people want to confirm they are booked in, or can't remember if they are and want to double check etc.

I can make it only visible to those that have booked in (I think), but then that then doesn't allow those who haven't booked in to see if their mate has booked them in already without booking in again themselves to see the list of who is booked in.

Hope that makes some sense.

Unfortunately the system isn't clever enough to tell the difference between Farnworth, Farnsworth, or Franworth. I can lock it down so you can only book yourself in and this would solve that, but then it would disable group booking in because of the way it's structured.

It's only when you see what seems to be a relatively simple system thrown against the complex human element that you pick up on all these subtle issues which raise their heads.

'We' can build a better system, one that handles scores and grading and booking in, all in a single system, which could be coded to enable only registered shooters to book in and know when duplicates are found. It would also probably remove the need to enter GP scores and grades separately, saving Simon some considerable time. It's probably possible to enable comp secs to enter scores directly themselves. It could also check renewal dates of club insurance and membership renewals at club level, and hook these into the booking in system so that those who have lapsed can't be booked in. Thrown wider it could allow comp secs to do the booking in for their own events as well...

But that will be a custom ground up job. It's something I will hope to raise at the next BFTA meeting. 'We' have the skill set on standby, so it's a question of time, application and cost. Very early days.
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