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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Don't like this game but ...

Steven Allen and Malcolm Gwynne - did not book into the shoot. Unfortunately, by mistake, some shooters are using their old BFTA numbers to book in and these numbers have since been allocated to Steven and Malcolm.

The score sheets are generated off BFTA numbers and not names hence why Steven and Malcolm's info is displayed.

Carl Davies attended the shoot but had gun problems hence no score.

The majority of people on the list contacted me or Far Coley to cancel.

Why I don't like this game?
There were some serious situations involved, far more important than their Sunday shoot, and I easily understand why attending the GP was far from people's minds. However, many did contact me and I thank them.

If you're not attending then please tell the GP organiser and here's why:

Those who book in have to monitor that there are at least 2 shooters per lane. If drop outs are known then adjustments can be made before the event and this helps the sessions start smoothly.

Thanks for commenting Shaun and clearing up a few reasons for non attendance, but seriously though I'm getting sick of this type of thread! Pointless
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