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Default 2 ft target at GP's

I hear people makeing quote's of safe target's,target distances,kill zone sizes and target placement.
No one has mentioned when the 2 ft target is shot
People have failed to notice that every GP they have attended,has a possible killer target on the coarse.
When you load your rifle with at least one person stood in front of the muzzle,normally two
That person watches you load your rifle,then bend's down to place his head in front of the rifle.
He then tell's you to fire,the dreaded chrono is an accident waiting to happen
I'm not sure how shaun's testing went with the new chrono,but to be fair if it was not as accurate it was safer.
All partes could stand well behind that massive gap to shoot through,and the fps could be easily read from behind the guy with the loaded gun.
Food for thought me think's
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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