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Default common sence

The target in question was no11,it was the first target after the chrono.
Gillie was stood about 95 deg to the target and it was about 12 yds away from the standing lane on the pond.
Nothing more than poor placement,think back to millride lane 25.
This lane and many other's were infact in front of the plinking firing line,yes we were about 500yds away but we were in front of the plinking range
It's easy to spot the problem after it has happened,not so easy to prevent it.
Every coarse that goes out at harrier's has backdrop in mind,it's not hard just need's those thought's to pass through one's mind.
I personally don't think we take safety seriusly enough,as i've said before .
If we have a major accident we loose the sport,if we loose the sport what's your kit worth[pea nut's].
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