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Unhappy Agree entirely

Originally Posted by TOOL View Post
Never had one in competition but had one hit below my left eye at Redfearns couple of years ago in practice as me and Neil waited on a lane.

I think sub 15 yard targets should be removed from courses.

Not a dig at course setters just simple safe practice.

Norman Wisdom 1927
At harriers we no longer put a 10 yd target on the plink,because of this problem.
I don,t see the close target,s a test of skill,more a test of set up and memory to turn the turret back.
When it come,s to safety we should take no chances,I suggested to the Marshall that after gillie pointed out the problem it should be dealt with before another shot was fired.and it was.
I,ve had issue,s with rifle,s being pointed at other shooter,s and noted some top shooter,s doing it on Sunday.
When it come,s to insurance I believe that most club,s use the same source,if someone get,s shot and claim,s,no more insurance ,meaning no more field target.
Safety is not just the responsibility of the safety officer,it,s to every individual that shoot,s a rifle.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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