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Originally Posted by AIRFIX GILLY View Post
Just a post on target placement and not a complaint to the Far Coley crew.

Over the weekend shoot at Far Coley should I have been 45mm taller including my new 38mm boots (Tool) I would be less my right eye. A pellet deflection came back and hit my forehead directly over my eye.

Reason I`m posting this fact is that I know a few of the coarse setters for the up and coming GP`s browse this site. What I would ask them is to be very aware of the target placement of the close mini kill targets the BFTA rules state you have to set out on a GP coarse. Please consider pellet deflections and place security barriers around the targets, place them under bushes or put them at the end of the coarse square on to the firing line, dont have them at an angle to the firing line.
Just be aware of safety and risk of injury associated with placing targets so close to shooters.

Personally I`ll be proposing to MFTA and subsequently the BFTA that these targets are removed from ALL field target events as they are serious risk for injury.

Andrew Gillott, 20533.
I've got to agree on that Gilly....had one at M.A.D. fly past my left ear last year.
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