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OK guys , lets all chill out .

I didn't like the way it was headed , glad every one has said sorry for abbrasive comments .

No one is bigger than the sport .

Several individuals do a heck of a lot to promote & help the sport .

Sadly by putting their hands up , they are some times also the targets of un wanted comments .

Lets all just accept there are different facets of air gun sport , not knock any one else , and move on .

As I see Air rifle field sports , FT is the old man , HFT the mature man & SARC the new comer, the grass roots form of the sport .

All share the same tool , an Air Rifle .

But they each have individual rules , & as a result individuals who are passionate about it .

I'd like to see all 3 facets exist in harmony .

I'm a bit sorry that I decided to find out if any one was interested in a SARC fun shoot in South Wales after this . I never expected the resulting agro .....
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