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Originally Posted by superrchriss View Post

It means a lot to me that you have replied to my posts, and also apologised, and I also apologise to you for being so aggressive in my post, to which I was simply wound up.

I understand where your coming from in the sense that you
Have been shooting longer than I have been alive, and I understand that your a very good shooter, (I have a small memory of a world championship? Forgive me if I'm wrong) and I do have great respect for competing in such events.

I believed the comments made originally to be anti-SARC and
It's this that I initially had a problem with.

I'd have said the same about me, if you was to meet me, you would see that I'm a very down to earth, keen, enthusiastic young shooter, and all at my club and beyond can vouch for this.

I guess one day we will meet and resolve our differences.
Apologies accepted fella..

I'm not against any for of air rifle shooting Chris and never Will be.
I was only commenting for the club as it wasn't aware of the shoot until reading the original post.

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