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Originally Posted by dusty57 View Post
your right holly, terry never won the worlds but he did win the US nationals with one back in the days before there was a worlds, around 88 or 89 i think
I believe he won the self styled Spring gun worlds with a TX 200 . not sure . . when i say that the GC2 MK1 was not suitable for Comps . Stuart lane ( a FT god ) used one to good effect .at one of the worlds it went down on the second day , so he was on the last day shooting with the also rans ( me and george grimm ) now george was the chairman of the BFTA at the time . anyway we got to our first lane and we are shooting with stuart . he had borrowed a Pro target off nick jenkinson for the last day and had set it up with his 18+40 Lupe . me and george shot first , standers and got em . stuart steps up and as he is settling for the shot , it goes off . ohwerrrr . the trigger on a the GC can be a bit of a beast . so to come to a good trigger , well it had gone off as he was taking up the first stage . result one miss . me and george had a quiet snigger , as you do . oh how the mighty have fallen type of thing . stuart hit the next 49 shots straight off . no more sniggering after that .the mighty are mighty with anything ??? HOLLY
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