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Default Bit of a shocker..

To be honest,

I was initially told that the shoot would be an open which is fine.
Then a comment was it was going to possibly be a UKSARC ground.
I just made a comment on the clubs position as a ft club that is affiliated to UKAHFT.

Regarding the comment I made about yourself, it was meant as a giggle it has obviously upset you which ill apologise for.

But let's get something right fella, I've been competing in ft well before you was born and I'm still lucky that I enjoy the sport and do well.

I have put a lot of time into ft to help the grass roots to improve.. From wafta to the Bfta.
For yourself to make the comments you've made then you obviously haven't met me or spoken to myself which is fine.

I think I can survive with the comments you've made towards myself butty..

Remember though it was the committee of nelson arc that agreed to what I put on here.

Mark Bassett
Or berty to my friends...!!!
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