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Default Plan B

Walked the proposed "Wafta" Ft course yesterday to get some ide of the work envolved in clearing lanes. Lots to do!

Top ponds will be course start, wet feet for someone as we have a number of tress rooted in the ponds that need to be cut back. Easy lane 1 so all (me) get a good start and then 4 very long, hard and usually wind effected lanes, will try and switch the angles from lane to lane. 8 ex 10 off the ponds would be good shooting

Along the Top banks then but shorter ranges than we have used before, think Germay will be alot of uphill / downhill shots so will try and get a few steep / high shots in for practise? Line will be a bit further foward than usuall

Course will then follow a route we used about 2 years ago (lots of clearing to do) then going down the bank and into the bowl, using steeper shots placed high up on the Bowl (Current zero area). Not long ranges, but a fair selection of mini kills as long as the wind is not as it was for yesterdays practise session
Finish off back up by the edge of our Woods
Standers wont be long but there will be 4, same for kneelers. Mini kills dependant on wind come the day.
Main ft is 6 entry, prize money dependant on entries
Top score on the day recieves the John Thomas Memorial Trophy and this year an additional 20 ontop of the Class prize money.

Woods will be used for easy ft.
The intial Easy ft course I put out in the winter turned out to not be as easy as I thaught. We have been trying different things out on club days and I think we have the balance better for this shoot.
20 targets, mostly bigger 45 ml kills, about 4 reduces but all short range!
think there is only 1 45ml kill over 40 yards? Hopefllly most will hot 75% or more.
3 entry, cash prizes dependant on entries but at least 10 to the winner.
Might introduce a handicap system so any A, AA shooters dont wn, B class even "Gadget" lol
Easy ft is for those that dont normally shoot fT!

Extreme Side shoot.
Using the Easy Ft course, 3 points for standing, 2 for kneeling and 1 for sitting.
2 entry, 20 first place prize money.

Dont bank on LittleJack clearing all 20 just because i will have made the course easier than last time????

If time and helping hands allow, will also put on another side shoot, probably 10 / 15 or 20 shot side shoot?
Might even consider a pistol side shoot if there is enough interest?

More to follow but it should be another Good days shooting at Tondu AR & FTC
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