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Originally Posted by Corvids View Post
I remember back in the day these being the dogs, not many where made I believe. How good are they and how do they compare to a modern FT rifle?

Are they still as sort after?

I remember them being a bit of a pig to set up and get to run right, sweet spot if ya will.
Very,and as good as!and Yes! .
If looked after and with the right pellets; very suprising for a gun that is 22 years old,but for those in the know not suprising.
The trigger was assumed to be the weak point of the gun but mine ( a mk2 ) is very good and predictable and light and fast,
They are difficult for owners to set up properly without the jigs and can be costly! at Sportsmatch to service.
But with the right sympathetic gunsmith (Dave Brayfield of Staffordshire Custom Rifles),the quality and service is second to none,the right person to do GC2's justice.
I believe that a GC2 won at the FT worlds around 2005/6 and I managed 6th at the whfta a few years back.
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