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Originally Posted by Andy_J View Post
Just remember this, AMTA are in it for themselves, nobody else, as are all businessmen and no illusions. Money and profit comes first.
Crikey! You really don't know these people at all.

Of course businesses need to return profits, and they/I make no apologies for this. However successful businesses are usually run ethically by Directors who understand the need to support the communites that surround their businesses. The failings in the banking sector show what happens when greed overtakes ethics.

I know a good number of the UK Gun Trade, and the majority of the Airgun Trade. I have worked alongside them for many years, and have come to understand their motivations. I dont always share their views, but can tell you that they are dedicated to protecting our sports and our way of life. They do this in their own time and fund the activities from their businesses, effectively re-investing in the future of airgunning.

Although there are issues on which we will all disagree, and I will not comment on any of those through this forum, please be assured that their intentions are to protect and promote airgun sport in all of its forms, not simply to line their own pockets. If this was the case and all were out for their own interests, the industry would not have a cohesive, respected, self-regulating body of guardians and we would soon fall foul of unnecessary and restrictive legislation.

I hope you enjoyed the show.


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