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Originally Posted by paul4be View Post
Which ciruit board is fitted? Does it have the blue adjustable potentiometer on the pcb near the trigger? If so, this has an adjuster screw which can alter the power, although not sure how much.
Unfortunately it may come down to needing a new pcb with the latest software. Don't think you'll be able to have the existing software updated by anyone else.
Best person to sort the stock would be back to PW rather than having Daystate do it.

Never noticed a noise from the solenoid in mine, but I'm sure that J knows what it's been like. Doesn't sound right though.
Hi Paul, thanks for the reply.
Re para 1. With regard to adjustable potentiometer etc, thats just way over my head,could you have a look at it at the club at some point.
para 2. The stock was inletted by P.W. in 2008 for the the MK4 action (still waiting for the action to arrive). That was a blessing in disguise.
para 3. I think the same as you about the noise from the solenoid ,and I only noticed the noise after fitting the new batteries but J is adamant that it has always made that noise ?.
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