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Latest news...
I've started on a different type of Chemotherapy to the one i was on a couple of years ago. Last time it made me feel sick as a dog and i had a lot of trouble sleeping due to the heartburn keeping me awake all night, i wasn't actually sick but the feeling was always there.
This time around i go into the hospital for the Chemo and some other various concoctions pumped into my blooodstream and come out with a PICC line fitted into my arm.
This is a fine plastic pipe that is inserted into my arm under local anaesthetic and runs up the vein into my chest cavity, here the Chemo and other nasties are pumped around my body by the blood and diluted down too, (It's a very concentrated mix) the line stops in and i come home from the hospital with a bottle of the Chemo which takes 48 hours to filter into my system.
Di has to remove the bottle once it's empty and attach a syringe to the pipe, flush it with a solution and then re cover the whole thing with a fresh bandage, she's a proper Florence Nightingale...
Then i get a week and a half off to recover a little before i'm back for the next two weekly treatment. One down five to go...
Following the Chemo on Tuesday i was physically sick Wednesday, Thursday and Friday... i felt a bit better Friday PM and picked up each day from there a little bit more. I had some anti sickness tablets to take and the Doc and district nurse kept coming out to give me regular injections with more anti sickness drugs.
I've lost a load of weight again, didn't eat or drink hardly anything for the three worst days, and then even after that it was a struggle. Still if this is as bad as it gets i'm confident i can put up with it, it's got to be worth a go.
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