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Default Regarding grading

Just a note to explain how it works and why steve was in B
I grade everyone from the [BFTA grade list, with the exception of anyone who has less than three shoots under their belt which automaticly puts them into A which is considered a little unfair for the classic as unlike the gps its 1 event i take whatever score exists on there in steves case it was 1 score at 66.6% which means "B" however if there was two scores on there at 66% and 100% for example his avg would have been 83% which would have put him in "A". I also scower the tinterweb for any scores not graded due to not having any scores at a last resort i contact that person on the phone and ask several questions to assertain their ability.
This is why i ask everyone to check the grade they haven been allocated and it is open to contested..You can shoot higher than your given grade but not lower unless you can prove with facts and figures I have made a mistake..(this dont happen very often)
Hope that clears everything up for everyone
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