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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
In my defence I have never shot the classic before,and didn't know grades counted for anything,as with the Euros.
As I had shot rubbish for 2 years I thought that is why I had been dumped into B,in saying that my ft scores where pretty much on a par with other B graders,I just had 2 reasonable days on the sillies.
I am quite happy to return prizes/trophy if a mistake has been made,as I don't want to cheat someone out of their rightful position.
Whoa Steve, nobody is having a go. having shot with you before i was surprised to see you in B grade as i was sure you'd been AA with me a few years ago. the grading system works as far as i can see but sometimes, due to circumstances, things like this will happen. It was just a bit of a shock when i heard your name.

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