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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
In my defence I have never shot the classic before,and didn't know grades counted for anything,as with the Euros.
As I had shot rubbish for 2 years I thought that is why I had been dumped into B,in saying that my ft scores where pretty much on a par with other B graders,I just had 2 reasonable days on the sillies.
I am quite happy to return prizes/trophy if a mistake has been made,as I don't want to cheat someone out of their rightful position.
Hi Steve
I am not saying you should hand anything back, you have found yourself in a grade that is perhapse a little low for a shooter of your quality,but that is what you were given so accept it, and well done on the sillies which is where this comp is WON and LOST, this is what got you the win, on the Sunday 4 people in your grade beat your 29x40 on the main so its up to others to raise their game on the sillies, but thats easier said than done.

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