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Default Thanks Everyone

Canna add too much to what conor says himself...only my thanks to everyone who turned up and got stuck in knocking tin chickens over (or not in my case) was great to see jesus and crew again and dario n mrs dario oh aye n that irish fella who got lucky with the ones he split. My thanks to Sue, Mel, Carid for doing a smashing job with the badges once again you have all got that running so smoothley i dont know how we would cope without you. Thanks to paula cath and Dave for been the DIP'S if it wernt for them id have to do it and peoples scores would be like lucky lotto. I know he dont like thanks but hes gettin another mention anyways...Calps, mark s, n emley lads for the prep n hard work that goes into the courses. Thanks Rip-D for changing sessions at a moments notice n sorry about it also. Thanks to trev n dave J for running the Silhouettes range and not shooting. Most of all massive thanks to Bob always the first there, last to leave and was out on them courses all day for 2 days big respect.
Oh yeah Thanks Wayne for crushin me shaking hand

The great thing i liked the most this year was 5 Juniors was great to see the younger end getting stuck into them courses n sillies that reduced big men t tears (I was one o em) a great balance this year across the grades aswell due to the new grade boundries meant there was more intense competition in 4 grades.. Also nice to see an uptake in the springer side a good number shooting there...and as chris cundey pointed out SFT meaning that even if FT is not your bag you can still compete n enjoy the ambience of the classic.

Scores will be on their way soon theyve been emailed to Dave for him to work his magic ont tinterweb site so keep an eye out for them....Will get the presentation photos on tomo after ive gone through em (Thanks Ivan for been a photographist at a moments notice you did a cracking job).. Well gona be strange not checking for emails n entries till next February but were already brainstorming for next years classic...if anyones got any good sugestions or critiscms from this year stick em on a email to I need somet to read in there
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