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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
What a superb weekend,

I would like to thank Dave Robbo and the rest of his NEFTA crew for organising, running and delivering a fantastic competition. Once again it ran smoothly, like clockwork. Especially the silhouettes, with new chief marshals Dave and Trev.

I would like to thank Andy Calpin, Mark Stenton and the rest of the course designers and builders. The two FT courses were fantastic with a perfect balance, devilish wind and cunning use of angles all of which were set in the beautiful Emely wood (one of the best FT locations I've ever shot).

Well done to all the grade winners, especially the Juniors who each demonstrated great skill and determination with potential future champions in the not to distant future.

Well done once again to the Spanish team, a great bunch of friendly and passionate shooters, who once again generously sponsored to pay for the accommodation and food of the winner to attend the Euskadi Open in Spain.

I'd like to thank my partner for the weekend Neil Daniels (someone had to go with him) we had many good laughs (and a few grumbles) but both agree that puff guns and tin chickens at close range can somehow reduce grown adults to shaking, nervous wrecks!

Thanks to Scott Robinson for inventing one of the most mind blowingly random novelty competition for Marie Curie Cancer Care. Trying to work out the weight of things in grains simply fried many brains. Tool's Turnip Trophy could become a pepetual competition.

I'd like to say congratulations to John Costello, who I narrowly beat in the shoot off for top FT!

Well done to everyone who attended what IS the best competition on the planet, I would urge anyone who hasn't done it to go next year and get bitten by the Classic bug. I wouldn't miss it!

Thanks to my Welsh buddies once again for their company in the Travel lodge over the weekend, great to meet up and have a few laughs again (all at my expense thanks Berty).

Thanks to Nikkii Gore for kindly transporting me to and from the airport, watch out B grade she's one to watch!

Once again thank to the NEFTA guys and girls, you are all like a big family, the stats people for doing the chore of adding the numbers and to everyone for a great weekend!

I brought the Irish luck with me once again, and I do apologise for missing that turkey but the RSPCA have been informed and they will be implementing an intensive feeding programme to bulk their body size up.

On a serious note one major missing factor from the weekend was Paul James, a big NEFTA celebrity, he has been having a tough time lately with the ever increasingly prevalent disease, cancer so I just hope you can get back to feeling a bit better Paul your one of FT's good guys. Take care pal.


I'm sure I've missed thanking or mentioning someone but you all know who you are and your contribution has been vital to the weekend.
This^^^^^.Not worth adding anything when it's all been summed up so well
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