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Default Master chef

Top mornings shooting at Oaktree, wether was fine with just enough breeze to catch a few pellets and make you think as you went around the course.

Top part of the day however was top Master Chef contestant for 2014 Peter "Arms Dealer" Jacob and his Bacon baps.

I got crispy salty bacon with free flowing butter wrapped in a flatbread, which roughly translates as he burnt the bacon i put enough butter on to make the rest of them as fat as me and Mike sat on the rolls lol
Infact they were very well coocked and very welcome break between session 1 & 2 around Oaktree. Must introduce the idea more often.

New shooter Mike williams (well none of us could remember him its been that long so we pretended he was new) was making a rare appreance and put in a fine 36 ex 40.
Arms Dealler and I shot round with a respective 35 (ostler ev2 + 35 Comp) and 36. Tosh went into Italy mode and rd 1 and hit over 20! Gadget got about 10 targets in without hitting much, even the plate before i reminded him him about me saying it was a bad idea to set a mk4 up in the sun. In the non sun conditions he was making 50m targets 45m! Once the wheel was re-adjusted things improved i think!
Lord Lampeter made a welcome visit south on day visa and hit many, but was side tracked by the Bull.
Simon Twin and boys enjoyed the mornings shooting and no dought are much wiser now they have tasted propper ft food!

I shot rd 1 with Priest, no 27 leup/no 2 stock + die 50. missed 4, 35m stander (on sloping ground), two long 45+ m targets for a bit of wind and not concentrating on a 40m.
Arms dealer was very pleased with his rd 1 score via the Ostler ev2. Bit of adjustment on the 2nd stage travel and thats the gun for germany.

I went round again after brecky, so did Arms dealer both us changing guns. arms dealer got 12 targets in before it was obvious the non Ostler ev2 was not on the plane lol

I continued with REV+no 1 Stock / Leup and fuelled by Mega die 5.
Missed a couple of long ones for wind and the 31m stander, bnad shot on stander. Double dinked the reducer /50m lane on the banks. Reducer @ 32m took about 30ml of wind, i gave inside edge! 50m was a bit lottery as it was taking anything from 1 - 2+1/2 Kills
No 1 Scope seems to range find alot sharper though and in whole was very happey shooting REV.
Think REV, as is will be Gp2 set up?
Just not sure what pellets, die 5 or 36?
BFTA Grading Q's to;
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BFTA updates on

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